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Team cohesion seminar - "Back to School"

Your goals:

  • Allow teams to come together, celebrate, meet

  • Set on fire

Our know-how, our added value:

  • Prepare: We take into account the values of your company and your objectives

  • Concert: Work together, in collective intelligence, with your teams, to detect opportunities for development in your organization.

  • Validate: Produce a deliverable that will allow the shared decisions to be applied.

  • Facilitate: The supervisors are also the team-building facilitators, thanks to their dual skills, which ensures organizational continuity and support for your teams.

The contents :

  • 1 preparation workshop ahead of the seminar 

  • 1 great Adventure in the middle of having fun around the values of the company

  • 1 night in bivouac

  • Restoration

  • Supervision: ICF certified coach + survival instructor, throughout the duration of the event

The format of the seminar:

  • 2 days of team cohesion via shared Adventure

  • 2 days + 1 night

  • Total: 2.5 days + 2 nights (1 in bivouac, 1 in accommodation)

Premises :

  • Provence: Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Nice, Corsica

  • Occitania: Montpellier, Camargue, Toulouse

  • Ile de France: Paris, Versailles, Fontainebleau

  • Rhône Alpes: , Lyon, Geneva

  • Burgundy France-County: Jura, Dijon

  • Other destinations on request

The budget :

  • From €600 excl. tax / pers.

This team-building seminar is suitable for companies looking for a seminar to relaunch, boost, motivate their teams after the confinement period.

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