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Vision, methodology, approach

Giving meaning to action

We think thatthe bottomis as important as the form and that it is too often forgotten in seminars, team-buildings and events while itserves organizations and people.

We think thatmeaning, in every action, in every detail,gives the growth.

Our method is simple

- Take into account the real and strategic issues of the event in consultation with the leaders and managers

- Identify key success indicators

- Create the team in line with the project

- Propose a tool that will serve the defined objectives: convention, travel, team-building

- Execute the mission with realism and audacity

Our approach is ambitious

We believe that travel and adventure, in all their forms, from the simplest to the most sensational, help to change employees and consumer behavior, taking them out of their zone of comfort and raising the level of play.

Between - 330 and - 300 BC, the Greek scientist, navigator and trader Pythéas  left Marseille to prove that the earth is round and revolves around an axis passing through the pole star.

On a Pentecontore made by himself, with ten men, he passed Iceland and sailed to the waters where the pack ice formed. This  at a time when  the "Pillars of Hercules", Gibraltar, form a gate marking the end of the known world.

He will prove the roundness of the earth, describe the tides and their relation to the moon, discover barbarian peoples, open trading posts, and measure the meridian of Marseilles at an angle of 5'.

Adventurer, scientist, entrepreneur. We did not choose this name by chance.

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